About PrimRose Plc.

Strive for excellence.

Primrose PLC is a family owned private Coffee export company in Ethiopia. The Company was founded in January 2010 and is being managed by Mr. Abreham Mengeste and his wife Mrs. Meseret Workneh who have hand on experience in Coffee industry in the last 14 years. The company is one of the highly competitive and respected Coffee Exporter in Ethiopian due to the fact that it is being staffed and run by qualified and experienced experts & employees in area of Coffee industry. The company provides quality Ethiopian Arabica coffee at a highly competitive price. Its ethical business conduct and its strict observance to the delivery schedule enabled it to enter into the markets of Europe, Asia, USA and middle East; among others; and still remain acting together with strong and dependable customers. Furthermore, the company main strategy gives the highest regard to the Win-Win opportunities which benefits all the stakeholders in the coffee business. Accordingly, it has built a reputation based on fair price, high quality coffee and unbeatable service. On the top of this, the Company aims to build socially, environmentally and economically sustainable business by establishing long term reliance of our customers on our responsibility in the coffee industry.

  • Coffee Laboratory

    This unit, headed by a certified ‘Q’ grader, is fully responsible for the product integrity and sustainable quality throughout the season in compliance with buyer’s requirement.

  • Financial & Credit Facility

    We are privileged for a credit facility to run the business from Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Oromia International Bank S.C and Construction and Business Bank S. C loan facility.

  • Logistics Unit

    Our logistics unit, headed by General and operational Manager, is over viewing and monitoring the entire operation and timely shipments avoiding any delay. Primrose PLC was establish with mission to conduct coffee business through provision of quality and steady hand on delivery, through operating as a one stop Green coffee exporting company by understanding the need of its customers. The company has the following key values: Commitment to quality, excellent and professionalism: Primrose works towards assuring quality service is provided to customers in a professional manner. Accordingly, make sure that quality coffee beans are delivered based on the standard that the customers are requiring. Furthermore, the company provide wide variety of Ethiopian specialty coffee from the origins each with its unique profile with consistent quality and true flavor of specialty coffee that is required.

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