January 28, 2017

Washed Yirgacheffe Rue

Yirgacheffee-Washed-RUE-212x300Washed Yirgacheffe Rue
characterized by complex, fruity, floral, spicy and fragrant.

Yirgacheffe is located in central Southern Ethiopia. It is a small area wi
thin the Sidama region which is famous for its coffee quality.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe has a distinctively fruity flavor profile, a bright, tea-like finish and floral aroma. These qualities are attributable to wet-processing.

It’s difficult to generalize the flavor of Ethiopian coffees. Each region has its own unique flavors, which can vary from farm to farm, season to season. Although, the method of processing wet vs. dry and roast level can significantly change certain highlights even from the same bean. But the high elevation of Ethiopia produces a hard bean, resulting in intense flavors and aromatics.

Growing Altitude
1700 – 2200 m.a.s.l.
Arabica Variety
Heirloom Varietals
Harvest Period
October – December
Milling Process
Fully Washed


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